100 Lunar New Year Greetings for Luck and Prosperity (2023)

Bring in the Year of the Rabbit with sweet words for family, friends and co-workers.

100 Lunar New Year Greetings for Luck and Prosperity (1)By Minhae Shim Roth

100 Lunar New Year Greetings for Luck and Prosperity (2)

Ring in the Lunar New Year, which will be celebrated from January 22 to February 5 this year, with positive vibes and happy greetings. Sayings like, "I hope you are healthy and happy this new year!" "May your work go smoothly this new year!" and "May your family be blessed and fortunate this year!" will help loved ones, co-workers and neighbors celebrate with optimism and joy.

Also known as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year is considered an important holiday in many Asian countries — such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Tibet, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others — and across the Asian diaspora.

Lunar New Year was originally an agricultural holiday marked by the traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is based on the 12 cycles of the moon, that commemorated the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Believed to have originated during China’s Shang Dynasty, Lunar New Year carries with it a trove of traditions that are based on a combination of history, symbolism, superstition and myth.

People celebrate Lunar New Year in vastly different ways depending on their particular culture, family or personal preference — but one common thread is setting an intention for a lucky, prosperous and fulfilling year ahead.

Just like we greet people in early January with “Happy New Year,” various communities have different sayings to welcome in Lunar New Year. Launch your holiday by sending positivity to those you know with this list of the best Lunar New Year greetings and well-wishes. You can say these phrases in passing, post them on social media or write them in a card along with a gift.

Popular Happy Lunar New Year Greetings

  • Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Xīn nián kuài lè (Chinese. Translation: “Happy New Year.”)
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
  • Happy New Year!
  • Chúc mừng năm mới (Vietnamese. Translation: “Happy New Year.”)
  • Happy Spring Festival!
  • Happy new year 兔 you (For Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese character for rabbit is 兔 and is pronounced “too.”)

Lunar New Year Wishes

  • Saehae bok mani badeuseyo (Korean. Translation: “May you receive a lot of good fortune in the New Year.”)
  • I hope you are healthy and happy this new year.
  • Gōng xǐ fā cái (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you prosperity and wealth.”)
  • Wishing you peace, happiness and luck in the new year.
  • I wish you a happy new year and good health.
  • Hoping that you have much joy, happiness and peace this upcoming year.
  • Wishing you a good year, good health and good memories for the new year.
  • Shēn tǐ jiàn kāng (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you good health.” )
  • Wishing you surplus and abundance year after year.
  • Fú shòu shuāng quán (Chinese. Translation: “May you enjoy both longevity and blessing.”)
  • May everything go smoothly for you in the new year ahead.
  • Wàn shì rú yì (Chinese. Translation: “May everything go well for you.”)
  • Wishing you good luck and fortune this new year.
  • Wǔ fú lín mén (Chinese. Translation: “May the five blessings–longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death–come to you.”)
  • May your new year be full of laughter and luck.
  • Xiào kǒu cháng kāi (Chinese. Translation: “May your year be filled with abundance of smiles and laughter.”)
  • I wish you wealth, health and abundance this year.
  • Yī fān fēng shùn (Chinese. Translation: “May all that you do go smoothly.”)
  • I wish you happiness, laughter and positivity this new year.
  • Lóng mǎ jīng shén (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you lots of energy and good spirit.”)
  • May everything go well for you this year.
  • Xīn xiǎng shì chéng (Chinese. Translation: “May all your wishes come true.”)
  • I hope every day of this new year is filled with happiness and fulfillment.
  • Sì jì píng ān guò wàng nián (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you four seasons of peace and a flourishing year.”)
  • I hope everything works out for you this year.
  • Wishing that everything falls into place for you in the new year.
  • May you be happy and healthy this upcoming year and always.
  • Wishing you excess and surplus every year.
  • I hope every year is abundant and plentiful for you.

Lunar New Year Wishes for Friends and Loved Ones

  • I hope all your dreams come true this year.
  • Chū rù píng ān (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you safety and peace wherever you go.”)
  • May all your wishes come true this new year.
  • I wish you instant success in all your endeavors this new year.
  • Cái yuán guǎng jìn (Chinese: Translation: “May your money and treasures be plentiful.”)
  • May you get everything you wish for this new year.
  • Wishing you prosperity and good fortune this new year.
  • May wealth roll in for you this new year.
  • Jí xīng gāo zhào (Chinese. Translation: “May good fortune fall upon you.”)
  • May the new year shower you with luck and love.
  • May the new year bring you new possibilities, new horizons and new joys.
  • May your new year be full of happy new memories.
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world this Lunar New Year.
  • I hope the Lunar New Year inspires you to embrace a fresh start.
  • Wishing that you stay inspired, hopeful, and full of love throughout this new year.
  • Wishing you all the wealth and treasures to fill your home this year.
  • Xīn nián dà jí (Chinese. Translation: “Wishing you luck for the new year.”).
  • I hope you feel happy and fulfilled this new year.

Lunar New Year Wishes for Families

  • Wish you a happy new year and a happy family always!
  • Nian nian you yu (A pun in Chinese. Translation: “May every year end with surplus,” which also sounds like “May you have fish every year.”)
  • I hope your family is happy and healthy this new year and always.
  • Wishing all members of your family good health this year.
  • May you and your family enjoy health, wealth and happiness in the new year.
  • I hope the Lunar New Year brings you and your family joy and blessings.
  • May the new year bring peace, joy, and comfort to you and your family.
  • May good fortune shine on you and your loved ones in the new year.
  • Hé jiā xìng fú (Chinese. Translation: “May your whole family be filled with happiness.”)
  • I hope your family enjoys peace and serenity every day this year.
  • Wishing good luck and fortune for your family this year.
  • Wishing safety and peace to you and your family everywhere you go this year.
  • I wish all members of your family longevity and peace for the new year.
  • Wishing for your whole family to be filled with happiness and fulfillment this Lunar New Year.
  • Zhāo cái jìn bǎo (Chinese. Translation: “May wealth and treasures fill your home.”)
  • May your family be blessed and fortunate this year.

Special Lunar New Year Wishes for Students

  • Wishing you academic success this new year.
  • Sending good wishes for your academic progress this new year.
  • Wishing you good grades for this new year.
  • I wish you the best for your studies this new year.
  • Wishing you perseverance and energy for your academic success this year.
  • I hope you ace all your exams and projects this year.
  • I hope you achieve all your academic goals this year.
  • I wish you strength, energy, and luck for your studies this year.
  • I hope you make the academic progress you wish for this year.

Lunar New Year Wishes for Clients and Business Partners

  • Cái yuán gǔn gǔn (Chinese. Translation: “May wealth come pouring in.”)
  • Wishing you good luck and big profits this new year.
  • I hope you make a fortune this year!
  • May your work go smoothly this new year.
  • Wishing you a prosperous business year.
  • Yī běn wàn lì (Chinese. Translation: "Wishing that you reap a huge profit from a small investment.”)
  • Wishing you success in your career this new year.
  • I wish you promotions at every step this new year.
  • Wishing you success and promotions for the year ahead.
  • I hope you find balance and peace at work this year!
  • May all your work goals come true.
  • I hope you succeed in all of your career goals this year.
  • I hope you advance in your career this year.
  • May all your professional ambitions be fulfilled this year.
  • I hope you can get big profits from a small investment this new year.
  • May wealth pour in for you this new year.
  • Wishing you great luck and great profit this new year.
  • May the stock market be good to you this year.
  • Dà jí dà lì (Chinese. Translation: “May you have great luck and great profit.”)
  • Wishing you luck and lots of benefits this year.
  • I wish you luck in all of your investments this year.


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