AFTERSHOKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Black (2023)

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Can you answer calls with bone conduction headphones? ›

Yes, some bone-conduction headphones are equipped with a microphone so you can answer calls on the go. While the headphones themselves can't employ any passive or active noise cancellation to enhance your listening experience, some models can use technology to make calls crisp and clear.

Can I answer my phone with AfterShokz? ›

To Answer A Call: Click the multifunction button as you're receiving a call. You'll hear one beep. To End A Call: Click the multifunction button while on a call.

What are the downsides of bone conduction headphones? ›

Disadvantages of bone conduction headphones:

Because sound is transmitted to the ear bones through the skin and skull, so the sound reproduction is not as good as traditional in-ear headphones. Another disadvantage of bone conduction headphones is that they are easy to cause sound leakage.

Why does only one side of my AfterShokz headphones work? ›

My headphones only have sound on one side.

Please check your accessibility settings (settings - general - accessibility) to ensure the volume is equally balanced between both left and right sides. If this does not resolve the issue, please file a warranty claim here.

Which model of AfterShokz is best? ›

The best bone-conduction headphones are the AfterShokz Aeropex, an IP67 waterproof set with built-in Bluetooth technology. With their traditional over-the-ear design and lightweight build, they earn our vote for the best bone conduction headphones.

Does bone conduction damage hearing? ›

Even though bone-conduction headphones don't block off your ears, they can still damage your hearing if used improperly or at too high a volume. Finding a comfortable listening level that won't damage your hearing over time is essential when using bone-conduction headphones.

Can AfterShokz be used as a hearing aid? ›

These headphones are not hearing aids, but they can be used to assist with hearing when used in conjunction with a hearing aid app like Petralex. Petralex and other similar apps use the mic on your device to pick up surrounding sounds and transmit it through the headphones.

Can people hear bone conduction headphones around you? ›

Therefore, bone conduction headphones still must emit the same frequencies and vibrations to reach your cochlea, meaning some sound will be heard to those around you due to the lack of seal.

Can you go deaf with bone conduction headphones? ›

While they have several safety and design advantages over traditional headphones, bone-conduction headphones can still damage hearing when music or sound is played at high volumes.

Can a deaf person hear with bone conduction headphones? ›

Benefits of Using Bone Conduction Headphone

They fit well and can be suitable for people with hearing loss. And because the ear canal is left open, users can still hear what's happening around them while wearing the headphones.

Can bone conduction ever be worse than air conduction? ›

Since a loss of sensitivity in part of a system cannot exceed the loss in the whole system, bone-conduction thresholds can- not be worse than air-conduction thresholds.

Can AfterShokz connect to 2 devices at the same time? ›

AfterShokz headphones offer multipoint pairing, which allows users to connect to two devices at the same time. While you won't receive audio from both devices at the same time, you will be able to easily transition between devices.

What is the side button for on AfterShokz? ›

All AfterShokz wireless Bluetooth headphones include a multi-function button. It's located on the outside of your headphone's left transducer. The multi-function button is essentially your personal assistant built into your headphones.

What is the multi-function button on AfterShokz? ›

Simply run your finger along the transducer while wearing AfterShokz and you'll feel it! To put it in basic terms: the multifunction button is essentially your personal assistant built into your headphones.

What is the difference between AfterShokz air and titanium? ›

Redesigned Frame - AfterShokz Titanium feature a part-titanium, part-plastic frame that weighs in at 36 grams, whereas AfterShokz Air are slightly lighter at 30 grams, with a lightweight wraparound titanium frame.

What's the difference between shocks and AfterShokz? ›

Is Shokz the Same as Aftershokz? Aftershokz was founded in 2011, debuting its first collection of bone-conduction headphones into the market. After roughly a decade in the industry, Aftershokz rebranded and changed its name to Shokz.

What is the difference between AfterShokz Titanium and open? ›

The Aftershokz Openmoves are a good upgrade from the Titaniums. They sound better with more detail and are lighter and more comfortable. They're still quite expensive at their retail price, but are a lot cheaper than the Aeropex's. And whilst they don't sound quite as good as the Aeropex's, they're not far off.

Which is better bone or ear conduction? ›

Normal finding: Air conduction is better than bone conduction. The patient should be able to hear the sound of the tuning fork adjacent to their ear, persist for approximately twice as long as the sound they heard over their mastoid process.

Do bone conduction headphones cause ear infections? ›

For one thing, bone conduction earbuds don't go in the ear canal, so there's less risk of ear infections. They also won't cause hearing loss from a ruptured eardrum.

What is the point of bone conduction headphones? ›

Bone-conduction headphones send sound waves through your skull instead of your ear drum. This lets you hear what you're listening to without the need to put tiny speakers in or on your ear. It's like the music—or podcast—magically appears inside your head!

Can I use my AfterShokz to listen to TV? ›

AfterShokz headphones can be paired with a Smart TV using Bluetooth v3. 1 and up. If your TV does not have Bluetooth, you'll need a Bluetooth transmitter.

Why do you get earplugs with AfterShokz? ›

AfterShokz headphones are unique in that they leave your ears open to ambient sound, conducting your audio through your cheekbones via bone conduction. However, we realize that sometimes you may not want to hear ambient sound, which is why we've included earplugs with every headphone purchase.

What area is most vulnerable through bone conduction? ›

Two important areas affected by bone conduction are the vestibular system and the vagus nerve.

Do bone conduction headphones bleed sound? ›

Bone conduction headphones generally have sound leakage, which is related to its sound production principle and it is unavoidable. But in most cases, the sound leakage phenomenon of bone conduction will not be very serious, and the protection of privacy is still in place.

Where should bone conduction headphones sit? ›

The bone conduction headphones sit in front of the ear, so they do not require a good fit to stay in the ear canals like earbuds. Many people find them more comfortable than earbuds and much smaller than headphones. They are also a great safety tool for people who exercise outside.

What is the battery life of AfterShokz? ›

AfterShokz says you should get around 8 hours of playback from a full charge.

Can you use Siri with AfterShokz? ›

Plus, if your phone isn't in your pocket, you can still use "Hey Siri" on supported devices. This works with Aftershokz as well, but that headset introduces the delay I mentioned a moment ago. Overall, Siri is a faster and better-sounding experience over AirPods.

Do AfterShokz work with ear plugs? ›

AfterShokz swimming headphones allow you to use ear plugs to block out the water and avoid 'swimmer's ear'.

Are bone conduction headphones safer than earbuds? ›

Even though bone conduction headphones provide a distinctly safer means of listening to audio than earbuds, they can still cause damage if pushed to extreme levels.

Are bone conduction headphones loud? ›

Even in a quiet room, the headphones sounded softer than my regular headphones (various models) at the same levels. To get to the same perceived sound level, I had to turn the volume higher (at least 10-15dB, as measured by my phone's decibel meter).

Do bone conduction headphones work for everyone? ›

Headphones that use bone conduction will not be suitable for everyone, but they open up a new way of listening for many people. In the right situation, using this technology over regular headphones can be enormous, even life-saving, benefits. The most significant advantage is situational awareness.

Are bone conduction headphones like cochlear implants? ›

Bone anchored hearing systems are indicated for conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, or single-sided deafness. Cochlear Implants are indicated for bilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss.

How do you test for bone conduction in hearing? ›

Bone Conduction Testing

For this test, the audiologist will put a small device behind your ear or on your forehead. The sounds sent through this device cause your skull to gently vibrate. This vibration goes to the inner ear, or cochlea, and skips the outer and middle ear.

What's the difference between open ear and bone conduction headphones? ›

A: Open-ear headphones and bone-conduction earphones are two names for the same device. These earphones convert sound waves into vibrations at the exterior eardrum and transmit them to the brain to understand.

What is the limit of bone conduction? ›

Bone conduction thresholds should be between 0–25 dB in the range of frequencies 500 Hz and 4,000 Hz. Any air conduction thresholds are acceptable, because ADHEAR relies on bone conduction. Temporary or chronic conductive hearing loss. Unilateral or bilateral hearing loss.

What is the correct position for AfterShokz? ›

They should be resting in front of your ears, not on them. Depending on the size and shape of your head, the headband may pull tight across your hair, or it may droop down below the neckline. Both are correct. Shokz can be worn with glasses.

What is the Shokz headband for? ›

The headband wraps around the back, low enough to clear most protective helmets commonly used during activities such as cycling, skating and skiing.

How do I turn up the volume on my AfterShokz? ›

How do I adjust the volume? Click the volume+ or volume- buttons to increase or decrease volume levels.

Can you answer calls on AfterShokz? ›

To Answer A Call: Click the multifunction button as you're receiving a call. You'll hear one beep. To End A Call: Click the multifunction button while on a call. You'll hear one beep.

Can you use AfterShokz to answer calls? ›

Can AfterShokz be used to make/take calls? Yes. All our wireless models are equipped with dual noise canceling microphones for making and taking phone calls when paired with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Can you skip songs with AfterShokz? ›

How do I skip to the next song? Double-click the multifunction button while music is playing. You'll hear one beep. The next track will play.

Are bone conduction headphones as good as regular headphones? ›

You'll get the gist of your media playback, but audio quality is severely degraded. If audio quality matters to you at all, avoid bone conduction cans. Sound quality aside, the fit may be uncomfortable.

Can people around you hear your bone conduction headphones? ›

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Silent? Bone conduction is harder to hear for people around you, though not completely silent. Since there are no drivers creating sound vibration that can escape your ear canal, others can't hear it.

Can I wear bone conduction headphones at work? ›

You can wear iheadbones stereo headsets while wearing your OSHA approved protective headgear or earplugs. When you are working to the audio you want, your shift flies by! Construction workers, factory workers, landscapers, and anyone who need to obey OSHA rules or who need to wear ear protection can wear iheadbones.

What are the side effects of AfterShokz? ›

Headaches and vertigo

Because of this, wearing bone conduction headphones can get uncomfortable or cause headaches. Some users have even reported vertigo or dizziness when using them. These effects are mostly due to the vibrations used to transmit the sound through the cheekbones.

Can bone conduction headphones cause ear infections? ›

For one thing, bone conduction earbuds don't go in the ear canal, so there's less risk of ear infections. They also won't cause hearing loss from a ruptured eardrum.

Is bone conduction safer than earbuds? ›

Bone conduction headphones are much safer to use than earbuds. Bone conduction headphones place no direct pressure on the ear canal and aren't as harsh on the ear muscles and bones as earbuds.

What is the best placement for bone conduction headphones? ›

Proper placement for the oscillator is in the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows. According to a survey by Martin, Champlain & Chambers, mastoid is the most widely used type of placement. This is where an oscillator is attached to a metal headband and placed on the mastoid bone.

How do I connect AfterShokz to my TV? ›

To pair AfterShokz OpenComm headset, hold down the Volume+ button until the headset flashes red and blue to indicate pairing mode. Position the NFC sign, found on the left arm of the headset, close to the NFC detection area of the Android device you are connecting to.


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